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Video Poker In No Deposit Casinos Is Fun And Better Yet Has A Very Low House Advantage - You`re Even Favoured Sometimes!
Video poker is a beautifully simple idea. It`s somewhere between a slot machine and a game of five card draw poker (more like a slot machine, but a lot more involving to play).

So, how exactly does Video Poker work.

Well, first, like all casino games, you make your wager (typically from one to five coins). Always bet the maximum number of coins for the machine you`re on - ALWAYS. Betting less than the maximum means that you miss out on the big payouts that make the game profitable. Basically, betting less than five coins (play a smaller denomination machine if you have to) is one of the classic blunders (the most famous of which, as fans of the Princess Bride will know, is getting involved in a land war in South-East Asia).

Then, you are dealt five cards. Just like Five Card Draw Poker, your goal is to turn them into the best hand possible. Unlike Five Card Draw, you`re not playing against anyone else, just the payout table. So you look at your cards, decide which ones to throw away and which ones to keep.

Then, if you`ve made a decent poker hand, you get some money. The most common Video Poker game is called "Jacks or Better", so it shouldn`t surprise you too much to discover that in this game you need a pair of Jacks (or a higher ranking hand) to get paid out. If you didn`t get a good hand, the casino keeps your money.

Either way, the game is over, and you can either play again, or walk away.

It sounds so simple - and that`s its attraction. Pretty much anyone who didn`t grow up in a cave knows how to play Draw Poker (even I do, and my parents abhor gambling games).

However, maximising your return gets a little tricky. Video Poker takes a different set of skills from Draw Poker. A couple of key things to remember.

1) There is NO value in deception - don`t keep any cards that do not add value to your hand

2) You are not trying to beat another hand, but get as much payout as possible. Since Royal Flushes are so valuable, you have to pretty much take a shot at one whenever you have even a slim chance.

So, here are my strategies for the two most common types of Video Poker on the internet. They might not be quite perfect, but they are pretty easy to use.

Jacks or Better:

Work from the top of this list down, and keep the first set of cards that applies to your hand, discard the rest of your hand, cross your fingers for good luck and draw (crossing fingers optional, but makes the game more fun).

1) Full House or better (four of a kind, straight flush, Royal)
2) Four cards of a Royal
3) Flush
4) Straight
5) Three of a kind
6) Four cards for a straight flush
7) Two pairs
8) One pair (Jacks or better)
9) Three cards of a Royal
10) Four cards of the same suit
11) Pair (Tens or lower)
12) Open ended straight draw (2 cards will make your straight)
13) Two high cards (Jack or higher) of the same suit
14) Three cards of a straight flush
15) Two high cards of different suits
16) Ten Jack, Ten Queen, Ten King of the same suit
17) One Jack or higher

If your hand doesn`t match any of these categories, then dump the lot, and hope to get lucky on the redraw.

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The other main type of video poker is Deuces Wild. Like the name suggests, twos are wild cards (they can stand for whatever card you need). Obviously, you have to have a better hand to get paid - three of a kind in fact. Even so, the wild cards make this machine a slightly better-paying option than Jacks or better (with normal pay-tables).

So, how to best play a Deuces wild hand?

Well, first, count up how many deuces you have. Then work your way down the appropriate list and keep the first hand that applies to your situation.

No Deuces
1) Royal Flush
2) Four cards of Royal Flush
3) Any paying hand (only keep the paying cards)
4) Four cards of a straight flush
5) Three cards of a Royal Flush
6) Pair
7) Four cards of a flush
8) Four card open-ended straight (2 cards complete the straight)
9) Three cards of a straight flush
10) Four card gutshot (1 card completes the straight) except A345
11) Two cards of a Royal Flush

Otherwise discard all your cards and hope for a bit of luck.

One Deuce
1) Any four of a kind or higher
2) Four cards of a Royal Flush
3) Full House
4) Four card straight flush draw (three consecutive cards 5-7 or better)
5) Flush
6) Straight
7) Three of a kind
8) Four to any other straight flush
9) Three cards of a Royal Flush
10) Three card straight flush draw (two consecutive cards 5-6 or better)

Otherwise just keep the Deuce

Two Deuces
1) Four of a Kind or better
2) Four cards of a Royal Flush
3) Four card straight flush draw

Otherwise, just keep the Deuces

Three Deuces
1) Royal Flush

Otherwise, just keep the deuces.

Four Deuces - Duh, keep the four deuces, it`s the second best hand anyway.

So, that`s Video Poker. Remember to always play maximum coins, and keep hitting royals.

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