Alternative Deposit Methods For Your No Deposit Casino Bonuses

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Put That Credit Card Away! This Is Why You Should Be Using An E-Wallet For Your No Deposit Casino Bonuses
If you are serious about gambling online you will need to get yourself an e-wallet. An e-wallet is a third party company which allows you to add, withdraw, and transfer funds into an online account.

You put your money into your e-wallet using a credit card or bank account, you transfer your money into the online casino you want to use, you transfer your winnings back into the e-wallet, you withdraw the money from the e-wallet.

This may seem like an extra step, but it is worthwhile. Why not just use your credit card and skip the whole e-wallet business, you ask?

First of all there is withdrawals. You plan on winning, right? You cannot withdraw on to your credit card. You need to ask for a cheque and wait weeks for it to arrive. It is easy, on the other hand, to make transfers from your e-wallet to your bank account - or use your e-wallet AS a bank account for you to use to make other online transactions.

Secondly, online casinos prefer to work with an e-wallet and will often give you an extra bonus if you deposit using one. They will give you extra money so that they can deal with an e-wallet that they know and are associated with, as this will save them time and often transaction fees.

And finally, most credit card companies don`t like you making deposits to online casinos. They will often give you a hassle for doing so - usually claiming worries about fraud. However, they nor your bank account will give you trouble for making transactions with a reputable e-wallet.

With an e-wallet you make the online casino happy, you make your credit card company happy, you make your bank happy, and once you learn how to use it you will make yourself happy. Everyone wins.

Here are some reputable e-wallets:

Easily the largest e-wallet in the online gambling industry, Neteller is accepted by almost every website. With instant payouts, a wide variety of deposit methods, and availability in almost every currency, Neteller is a must-have for any serious online gambler.

The oldest e-wallet in the online gambling world, Firepay is accepted at most websites. It is reliable, stable, and a good all-around service.

Moneybookers is a great e-wallet for those living outside of North America. It is a cost-effective option preferred in Europe and around the world.

Click2pay is the new kid on the block. Its growth is unparalleled among e-wallets and it just might be the way of the future.

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